Jesse Lange with a healthy Deschutes redband trout. Photo: Arian Stevens

Saturday, October 27th 2018 - Sunday, October 28th 2018

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Last Cast - Native Trout-A-Thon

Oregon's native trout don't get the attention they deserve. We're looking to change that through the Last Cast: Native Trout-A-Thon, an outreach and education event that encourages anglers to discover and share about Oregon's remarkable trout while raising support for their conservation and promoting responsible angling practices.

Event Sponsors: Native Fish Society, Trout Unlimited, Keep Em Wet Fishing, & Royal Treatment Fly Shop

How it works:

Working in conjunction with a few fly shops across Oregon, this 48 hour event will test your angling skills and endurance as winners will need to crisscross the state to score maximum points. Points are to be awarded based on species and size, with only one fish per species being scored. Participants will need to solicit sponsorship on a per-point basis and the proceeds will go towards habitat enhancement projects identified by the event sponsors. Prizes will be awarded for most points (team and individual), most money raised, and best #keepemwet photograph. Other categories may be added.

Entry fee (tbd) gets participants a Native Trout-A-Thon Score Card, T-Shirt and sticker, as well as bragging rights for being an advocate of wild, native trout.

Individual Scoring:

A maximum of 10 fish can be scored per person. Each of those fish can be worth an additional 10 points if they qualify for the large size bonus. For example, if an angler fishes the Deschutes and catches a redband trout and a steelhead over 34” they would earn 35 points total (10 for the redband and 25 for the large steelhead).

Team Scoring:

Teams up to four can work together to submit their scorecard, and the team's points will be averaged.

For the points to qualify, anglers must take a photo of their fish in the water and post it on the Native Trout-A-Thon Facebook page or on their personal Instagram profile tagged with #nativetroutathon #keepemwet to compete for the best keep em’ wet photo. A panel of judges will review the submissions and choose a winner.

Rules for Scoring (Wild, Native Fish ONLY!)


ODFW Legal

Over size add 10 pts.




Redband Rainbow



Coastal Cutthroat



Sea-run Cutthroat






Bull Trout






Westslope Cutthroat


Lahontan Cutthroat


Alvord Cutthroat



Registration for this epic 2 day trout-filled road trip adventure opens on October 1 and runs through October 22nd. Fishing for these Oregon gems begins at dawn on Saturday, October 27th and wraps up one hour after sunset on Sunday, October 28th. Prizes include guided trips on the Rogue and McKenzie Rivers + more!

Stay tuned for more details!

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