Put an End to Failing Forestry in Oregon

Sustainable supplies of water for fish, wildlife, and communities. Trails to explore, meadows to hunt, streams to fish. Jobs for rural communities. If managed properly, Oregon’s state forests can be a boon for our communities and can support the multiplicity of values Oregonians seek out from our public lands. But right now, our forests are being unsustainably clearcut.

Recent newspaper coverage shows that harvests are at record levels while forests important to fish and wildlife are opened to clear-cutting, especially on erosion prone and unstable slopes. The State Forester and Chair of the Board of Forestry have made little progress increasing conservation outcomes and dissenting members of the Board have been stymied when they have tried to put requests for basic information on the agenda.

Let the Board of Forestry and Governor know that you do not support this poor behavior, and let them know that change is needed.

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