Suction dredge mining reform in Washington - Update!

Big news everyone!

HB 1261, supporting Suction Dredge Mining Reform in Washington state, is likely to receive a House floor vote later this week or early next week. Please call your House Reps and ask them to VOTE YES ON HB 1261 and activate your networks to do the same. Please call your state representative today and tell them: It’s time we reform our suction dredge mining regulations to protect our vital fisheries and watersheds. I encourage you to vote Yes on HB 1261.

Even if you’ve reached out to your representatives on this issue in the past, now is the time for their phone lines to light up on this issue. We’ve been told legislators are getting 1000+ emails a day right now, so phone calls are the way to go.

Legislative contact information can be found here by entering your address.

Why is it important to weigh in?
Members of the legislature need to hear our concerns related to suction dredge mining in Washington. Without constituents speaking up, our legislators will not prioritize this issue, and/or our concerns will be drowned out by a vocal opposition group and Washington’s waterways will continue to be threatened. In addition, 2020 is a short legislative session where many bills will get lost in the shuffle – our legislation will only rise to the top through our advocacy. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

So please take a moment, find your legislator's phone number by clicking entering your address.

Make your voice heard! Phone your Representative today! We need all our efforts to make this final push to ensure that future mining in rivers and streams does not harm our wild fish! Together, we’re building the groundswell of public support needed to revive abundant wild fish, free-flowing rivers, and thriving local communities in Washington!.

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