Come learn about the incredible life of wild steelhead. Conrad Gowell

Sunday, June 9th 2019 2:00pm - Sunday, June 9th 2019 3:00pm

North Mountain Park, Ashland, Oregon

Bear Creek Kids and Steelhead Program

Embark on the amazing journey of wild, Rogue River Steelhead! Unravel the mystery of this incredible native fish from life in a small tributary stream, into the Rogue River, the Pacific Ocean, and back. Spawning Steelhead beat all odds and travel over 100 miles upriver to reach their natal stream in the Rogue Valley!

We are excited to announce the Bear Creek Kids and Steelhead program, lead by Bear Creek Steward Jim Andras! This program will engage the next generation of stewards in the awe-inspiring life and mystique of wild steelhead that live and depend on the creeks that flow through our local neighborhoods. From program instructor Jim Andras, "I believe that these fish, like the rivers they call home are beautiful, powerful, diverse and resilient. To reach maturity, they must overcome natural and human obstacles from their natal creeks to the Pacific Ocean and back again. Educating youth about the life of steelhead while inspiring the next generation of stewards will create lasting, positive environmental impacts that reach well beyond this magnificent fish." Students will not need any special equipment.

About the Class

Estimates predict the Rogue Valley’s population will nearly double over the next 50 years, which will further increase water consumption, development, and habitat degradation along the most urbanized stream within coastal watersheds in Oregon. There is a saying that rivers without friends are not protected, and we believe the same holds true for wild steelhead in the Bear Creek/Rogue River system here in southwest Oregon. This project will lend a voice to these wild steelhead through educating middle and high school students to the life and mystique of the fish in the creeks that flow through their neighborhoods.

The purpose of this project is threefold: 1) to provide education to local youth on the scientific basis for conservation issues affecting wild, native steelhead in their local waters, 2) to provide education on the role of local stewardship and the importance of conservation in environmental protection, and 3) build community and empower youth to understand their role in protecting and conserving their local watersheds.

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