Coho on Tour with Paul Engelmeyer

Coho Fry on the Oregon Coast Photo: Conrad Gowell

Sunday, March 26th 2017 11:00am - 3:00pm

Yachats, Oregon

District Coordinator Paul Engelmeyer will lead a series of free tours, open to the public, to discuss the recently released Federal Coho Recovery plan. During the field trips attendees will view high quality and impaired habitat, restoration sites, experience population monitoring efforts, and discuss the history of fisheries management. Those interested in attending should meet at the Green Salmon in Yachats at 11:00am. Attendees should also be prepared to hike along a river with a day pack including rain gear, water bottles, and a packed lunch.

On the Oregon coast, coho hatcheries have been functionally eliminated, harvest has been significantly reduced, and habitat restoration communities are working hard to improve freshwater and estuarine conditions. Why attend? Environmental advocates can learn why NOAA believes Oregon Coast Coho have the highest chance of recovery of all threatened salmon in the Northwest.

During the Field Trip, Engelmeyer will visit Cape Perpetua to talk about ocean conservation, see the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Life Cycle Monitoring site, and tour the Audubon Society of Portland's Ten Mile Creek sanctuary, a 216-acre reserve of extraordinary ecological importance, which includes the largest intact stand of coastal temperate rainforest in Oregon. This field trip will help to educate attendees about the extensive habitat restoration that has taken place in the spawning streams of threatened coho and the ongoing efforts to adaptively manage ocean harvest. Paul Engelmeyer, who has been working on coho recovery for over 25 years, will also discuss what still needs to be done to keep Oregon Coastal Coho on the path to broad sense recovery.

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