Conserve Little Skookum Inlet!

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Thursday, October 17th 2019 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Northwest Beer Werks, 420 Steele St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501

This significant stand of forest is becoming increasingly squeezed by development. Keeping the property in forest use protects water quality and provides critical habitat for marine wildlife such as Orca, river otter, shorebirds, crustaceans and fish. Among the latter are sea run cutthroat trout and juvenile Chinook and Coho salmon, which utilize the inlet as a nursery before heading out to the open ocean. Freshwater streams on the property provide spawning grounds for fall chum.

While nearby estuaries—such as Oakland Bay and Budd Inlet—have largely been closed to shellfish harvesting due to contamination, Skookum remains a productive shellfish inlet because of its exceptionally high water quality.Generations of Native Americans, family foresters and shellfish farmers have tended to this inlet. Protecting this place will prevent the property from being developed while protecting critical habitat for shellfish, Sea Run Cutthroat, and salmon. Securing this property on Little Skookum Inlet will maintain the quality of marine and fresh water sources critical to the health of Puget Sound and its diverse wildlife species. Moreover, conservation will allow the public continued access to hike, hunt and fish on the land.

Please join us as we support Forterra in purchasing this important piece of land. Native Fish Society is proud to support this conservation effort in the South Sound. Please attend and make a real difference as we work toward wild and abundant fish for all.