Fly swap at Burnside Brewing

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Thursday, September 15th 2016 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Burnside Brewing Company

The Roving Dears and Native Fish Society are hosting a Fly Swap, benefiting the Puget Sound Cutthroat Campaign.

With the support of Native Fish Society and several community leaders The Roving Dears will have a conversation about Coastal Cutthroat, the role of the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition and the road ahead.

The casual gathering will be held at Burnside Brewing Co. with a portion of pub proceeds donated to the Campaign

The Roving Dears mission is to share their joy in learning new outdoor skills. By documenting the swagger and snags along the way, they desire to conscientiousy lead by example, in their own imperfect attempt, to inspire other novice naturalists to get out and try. Fostering community and stewardship for our Natural world are the heart of our mission. It starts with learning and caring, solidarity and patience.