Thursday, September 9th 2021 12:00pm - Thursday, September 9th 2021 12:45pm

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ODFW Coastal Management Plan - Lunch and Learn

On Thursday, September 9th, NFS staff presented a special Lunch and Learn about the ODFW's Coastal Multi-Species Conservation and Management Plan (CMP). The Lunch and Learn covered:

  • A brief overview of ODFW's Coastal Multi-Species Management Plan and some of its problems; and
  • Tips and tricks for effective testimony.

A recording of the full Lunch & Learn is available on YouTube:

CMP Failures

NFS' Oregon Coordinators Kirk Blaine and Liz Perkin covered some of the failures of the CMP, including Steelhead populations that have come in below critical abundance thresholds with no change in management, poor control of hatchery spawners, and a failure to account for climate change. Conservation Director Jennifer Fairbrother then provided advice on how to testify before the Commission.

Important Links for Reference

ODFW Coastal Multi-Species Conservation and Management Plan

Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team Review of ODFW’s CMP

ODFW CMP Wild Fish Monitoring Summaries 2014-2019

ODFW CMP 2014-2019 Implementation Report

Text from Presentation for Reference

CMP Lunch & Learn Script

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