Spawning Winter Steelhead Photo: Ian Fergusson

Sunday, May 14th 2017 7:00am - Sunday, May 14th 2017 5:00pm

Salmonberry River

Additional Dates

Sunday, April 16th 2017 12:00am - 12:00am

Salmonberry River

Sunday, April 30th 2017 7:00am - Sunday, April 30th 2017 7:00pm

Salmonberry River

Sunday, May 28th 2017 7:00am - Sunday, May 28th 2017 7:00pm

Salmonberry River

Salmonberry Spawning Surveys

River Stewards are once again gearing up for spawning surveys on the Salmonberry River. Additional volunteers are needed to help maintain the longest steelhead related dataset on the Oregon coast. The Salmonberry has the healthiest run of wild winter steelhead on Oregon’s North Coast with activity peaking in April and May. In some years surveyors have encountered densities as high as 135 redds per mile. This dataset, which was used to set fisheries management policy, is being used to assess the health and trends of wild winter steelhead throughout the Oregon Coast.

For those committed the physically demanding work of providing usable, reliable data, this is an opportunity to be a part of the adaptive management process. Some volunteers have been walking these same reaches of river for over 20 years, counting the number of redds and steelhead present in the watershed. Additional work includes placing temperature monitoring sensors, and in some years collecting macro-invertebrate samples to track water quality.

This year surveys will be taking place on April 16th, 30th as well as May 14th and 28th. Volunteers interested in helping out should be prepared for a long day on the river, sometimes hiking many miles with waders and wading boots, and a day pack including rain gear, water bottles, and a packed lunch. In addition to wild steelhead, volunteers have seen deer, elk, black bears, river otters, coyotes, and bald eagles on trips into the rugged and remote Salmonberry canyon. Please RSVP to River Steward Ian Fergusson if you have interest in helping out.

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