Thank Congressman DeFazio for His Efforts to Protect Southern Oregon's Wild Rivers

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Monday, August 29th 2016 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Anne Basker Auditorium 604 NW 6th St. Grants Pass, OR 97526

Please consider attending next Monday’s Town Hall Meeting with Peter DeFazio in Grants Pass at Anne Basker Auditorium (map found below). For two years Native Fish Society River Stewards have worked as a part of our Wild Rivers Campaign to protect the salmon studded rivers of SW Oregon from the threat of three proposed nickel strip mines.

Congressman DeFazio has been one of the Wild Rivers Campaign’s key legislative champions. He introduced a bill in the House that would permanently protect 100,000 acres of public lands from mining – the Southwestern Oregon Watershed and Salmon Protection Act. If signed into law this bill would permanently protect the headwaters of Hunter Creek, Pistol River, the Smith, the Chetco, and the Illinois rivers.

Congressman DeFazio is also working with the Forest Service and BLM to secure a temporary mineral withdrawal, which would protect the headwaters of Hunter Creek, Pistol River, Rough and Ready Creek (Illinois River tributary) and Baldface Creek (North Fork Smith River tributary) while Congress works to pass legislation.

It would be great if you would THANK Congressman DeFazio for his efforts to protect our clean water and wild, native fish from mining and ASK him about the chances of the legislation passing this year or in the next session and what we can do to help?

Additional Talking points:

  • THANK YOU for your help in securing a mineral withdrawal for the headwaters of our cherished southwest Oregon streams.
  • I care about these areas because ……; the threatened streams are valuable, free flowing rivers that supply clean water, salmon, and opportunities for recreation.
  • I want to see a future that’s built on clean water and the sustainable values of our public lands – not mining, the most polluting industry in America.
  • There is overwhelming public support; 99% of comments were in favor of this mineral withdrawal. 45,000 comments support protecting this area from strip mining.

If someone expresses support for our issue, please help back them up and show your support with applause.

If you don’t get picked to speak (or if you are shy), another great way to show your support is to go up to one of the friendly staff people and say something like: Hey, I just want to THANK the congressman for his help on the mineral withdrawal for our south coast rivers. Or wait to talk to the Congressman after the town hall.

Congressman DeFazio has long been a champion for southwest Oregon’s wild rivers and also for reform of the mining law – so it’s always good to appreciate his efforts and keep him psyched up and interested in conservation of our area.