Chris Frissell

Chris Frissell is an independent scientific consultant for NGOs, private individuals, and government and tribal agencies. His experience includes scientific research and synthesis, environmental review and planning, and expert services in environmental litigation. Chris has held the position of science director at the Pacific Rivers Council and currently serves as a researcher at the Flathead Lake Biological Station.

Data Analyst
Web Development, Economics
Film Making, Web Design, Musician
Anthropology, Poetry
Business, Scuba, Gis
Genetics, Hatcheries, Fisheries Management
Fisheries Science, Climate Change, Forestry, Habitat Protection
Graphic Design, Creative, Illustration
Economics, Forestry, Habitat Protection
Photography, Film Making, Public Speaking
Human Dimensions, Fisheries Management
Fisheries Science, Water Quality
Media, Accessibility
Uavs, Engineering, Education

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