Jeffry Gottfried

Jeff Gottfried has 45 years of experience as a science and environmental educator, museum director, and researcher. Jeff's experience includes acting as Chief of Education and Public Programs at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History, Vice President for Science Education at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and Founder, Director and Lead Guide of Educational Recreational Adventures. At OMSI, Jeff founded "Salmon Camp" a National Science Foundation funded youth fisheries research team.

As a science and environmental educator, Jeff has also been a committed environmental activist for his entire adult life. He has also served as a part of the Climate Change Committee of Oregon League of Environmental Voters and lobbied on environmental issues in the Oregon State Capital on a number of environmental and human rights issues. Jeff has been an avid fly angler and wild fish advocate since 1969

Fisheries Science, Expert Witness, Forestry
Photography, Film Making, Public Speaking
Fisheries Science, Water Quality
Economics, Forestry, Habitat Protection
Musical Theatre, Public Speaking, Youth Organizing
Uavs, Engineering, Education
Web Development, Economics
Film Making, Web Design, Musician
Anthropology, Poetry
Graphic Design, Creative, Illustration
Data Analyst
Creative Writing, Storytelling
Fisheries Science, Climate Change, Forestry, Habitat Protection
Media, Accessibility
Genetics, Hatcheries, Fisheries Management

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