Philip Denara

Phil Denara grew up surrounded by water in Long Island, NY. As an avid scuba diver and certified PADI divemaster, he is at peace when submerged underwater. Phil is a recent graduate from the University of Oregon, where he obtained an MBA with a specialization in sustainable business practices. Naturally, he was drawn to the Native Fish Fellowship program and is passionate about protecting wild fish and rivers in the Pacific Northwest.

Before moving to Oregon for school in the fall of 2018, he spent time in Central America as a divemaster and in California as an organic farmer. Experiences above and below the surface have enabled him to expand his perspective and visualize creative approaches to preserve natural ecosystems. Leveraging a combination of experiences in business and strategy with drone technology and underwater photography, Phil plans to kick-start and support initiatives that inspire people to protect native fish populations and the natural ecosystems they inhabit.

Fisheries Science, Water Quality
Anthropology, Poetry
Photography, Film Making, Public Speaking
Web Development, Economics
Data Analyst
Fisheries Science, Climate Change, Forestry, Habitat Protection
Media, Accessibility
Graphic Design, Creative, Illustration
Fisheries Science, Expert Witness, Forestry
Human Dimensions, Fisheries Management
Uavs, Engineering, Education
Economics, Forestry, Habitat Protection
Film Making, Web Design, Musician
Genetics, Hatcheries, Fisheries Management

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