River Steward of the Year

2018 River Steward of the Year

Charles Gehr, Rogue River Steward

Native Fish Society is proud to announce the 2018 River Steward of the Year Award to Charles Gehr, Rogue River Steward. Charles is a dedicated advocate for the Rogue, and for years traveled to Salem, Oregon to testify in the Oregon State Legislature on behalf of his homewaters for the need to protect wild fish and clean water from the detrimental effects of suction dredge mining. Charles saw this important campaign through years of legislative work, and after the passage of SB 3 he served on a public advisory committee to help improve regulations for in-stream motorized mining. Most importantly, thanks to Charles's dedication as a local advocate and the support of a strong coalition, we were able to protect over 22,000 miles of Oregon's essential salmon habitat from in-stream motorized mining in perpetuity.

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