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Native Fish Society Survey Results

We Asked. Here’s What You Said!

This winter, Native Fish Society shared a survey with our supporters to better understand what keeps you engaged in NFS’s mission of the revival of wild, native fish, free-flowing rivers, and thriving local communities. Here’s what you said!

Here are the big takeaways:

  • You take action!

    • Within 6 months prior to the survey, 57% of all respondents participated in an Action Alert. Action Alerts help make positive changes by connecting your voice and the best available science to decision-makers when they're selecting between actions that impact wild fish.
    • For example, your willingness to stand up and share your voice this past year helped encourage the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to increase monitoring and designate a large portion of southwest Oregon’s rivers as Wild Fish Emphasis Areas under the Rogue South Coast Management Plan.
  • You want to be “boots on the ground” involved.

    • We listened and have started our pilot McKenzie River Steward Chapter program for all passionate river and fish advocates in the Eugene area based on the growing interest in building a community around wild native fish. Stay tuned for future gathering opportunities in the Eugene area, and beyond!
    • We also had our first ever Annual Umpqua Bass Bash on Saturday, July 16th. This event was a fun day full of fishing for Smallmouth Bass, camp education regarding native fish species, including the harmful effects Smallmouth Bass and other invasive species cause, and food!
    • Want to organize a river cleanup for your local homewaters this summer? We’re here to help! Send us an email at info@nativefishsociety and we would be happy to get involved and help facilitate a fun day in the sun cleaning up the rivers and streams we (and native fish) all love.

  • You understand what’s core to Native Fish Society’s mission.

    • When asked the main reason to give, the majority of members listed Native Fish Society’s primary mission as the reason why they give, and 30% listed “the pride of being a Native Fish Society member.”
    • You agree habitat restoration is key: Of the total respondents, 50% said that “healthy rivers, stream, and oceans” was their most important cause (dam removal was 2nd at 20%).
    • On average, respondents ranked their likelihood of recommending NFS to a friend as 4.2 out of 5. Your willingness to not only support NFS, but to share the word truly helps build the groundswell of support for our shared mission of wild abundance.

    Thank you!

    Your feedback and thoughtful responses are an essential asset in our efforts towards wild abundance. Thank you for being a valuable part of the groundswell of support for wild native fish, free-flowing rivers, and thriving local communities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

    It is critical now more than ever that we come together and stand up for the revival of wild, native fish and the communities and habitats that rely on them. Join our effort of wild abundance by making a donation or becoming a member today!

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