Sevenmile Creek


The Sevenmile watershed is designated as a Tier I key watershed in southern Oregon, for it's ability to contribute directly to the conservation of bull trout and other resident fish species.

Native Species

  • Redband Trout
  • Bull Trout

Sevenmile creek is located in Klamath County, just south of the Crater Lake National Park and approximately 35 miles northwest of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Included with neighboring watersheds, Threemile and Dry creeks, they encompass a watershed area totaling over 31,000 acres and originate at the crest of souther Oregon cascades, flowing eastward into the Klamath Lake Basin. The upper portions of the watershed are entirely within the boundaries of the Klamath Ranger District of the Winema National Forest, in which approximately 14,000 acres of the upper watershed area are part of the Sky Lakes Wilderness.

Non-native Fish include:

  • Brook trout
  • Brown trout

Wild, Native Fish:

Although the original genotype may have been compromised over time as hatchery fish were stocked, the Upper Klamath Lake redband trout represents a unique unit of diversity among the several groups of redband and coastal rainbow trout identified in the Pacific Northwest (Behnke, 1992). Likewise, the Klamath Basin bull trout have ecological importance as the only significant population of bull trout at the southern edge of the species range (Howell, 1993). These populations have most likely adapted to a different set of environmental conditions than populations in more northern regions.

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