Warm Springs River

Native Species

  • Bull-trout-esa-listed
  • Fall-chinook-salmon
  • Redband Trout
  • Summer-steelhead-esa-listed
  • Spring Chinook [esa Listed]
  • Mountain Whitefish

The Warm Springs River is a tributary of the Deschutes River in north-central Oregon in the United States. It flows generally southeast along the east side of the Cascade Range. The watershed is approximately between Mount Jefferson and Timothy Lake, and the northwestern and southwestern boundaries of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation coincide with the watershed. The headwaters are less than 1⁄4 mile from the Wasco County–Clackamas County boundary (which follows the Cascade crest). The river flows generally eastward, with occasional diagonals southeast or northeast. It joins the Deschutes River at river mile 83.7 (134.7 km upstream from the mouth of the Deschutes).

Named tributaries of the river from source to mouth are:

  • Dry Creek
  • Bunchgrass creek
  • South Fork Warm Springs River
  • Badger Creek
  • Mill Creek
  • Beaver creek


The Warm Springs Is a Protected Stream with several Regulations that vary from year to year. It is closed to fishing for all non tribal members and in certain cases tribal members as well. There are certain times of year when wild fish are spawning that no body is allowed to fish any part of the river. It is a main spawning tributary for native rainbow trout, Wild steelhead and Salmon. The warm springs has a hatchery program and a tribal owned fish hatchery.

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