• Act Now!

    The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is in the process of revising their 700PM permits, which will regulate suction dredge mining in Oregon waterways for the next 5 years. Now is your opportunity to tell DEQ to restrict suction dredge mining from Oregon's Essential Salmonid Habitat! Deadline for comments is April 28, 2014.

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  • Science Guiding Conservation

    Two panels of independent scientists criticize the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Coastal Multi-species Conservation and Management Plan concluding it will not succeed in conserving coastal wild salmon and steelhead. Join the voices asking ODFW to protect coastal wild fish!

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  • Thank You!

    The 2014 Native Fish Society Benefit Banquet + Auction was a huge success with a record 331 wild fish advocates in attendance! We cannot thank our sponsors, supporters, and donors enough for their generosity.

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Learn More About Native Fish Society – Q&A

For nearly 20 years, Native Fish Society has advocated for the protection and recovery of wild, native fish across the Pacific Northwest.  Our goal is straightforward: utilize the best available science to promote public policy and stewardship that will advance the recovery and protection of self-sustaining populations of wild, native fish in their homewaters.  Our focus on policy, education, and advocacy, grounded in the best-available science, all combine to make Native Fish Society one of the leading conservation groups working to recover wild steelhead, salmon, and trout across the Pacific Northwest.  To read more

Save Sandy Salmon Campaign

The recent removal of Marmot Dam on Oregon’s Sandy River, ironically is allowing unprecedented and harmful numbers of hatchery fish to reach previously inaccessible wild fish spawning grounds in the upper river.  This “stray” rate is nearly 8 times that committed to by ODFW and greatly jeopardizes the future returns of wild fish.  The adverse effects of this include competition for spawning and rearing areas, genetic dilution, diseases and other perilous hatchery-wild interactions.  To read more…

River Steward Program — Dedicated Volunteers, Incredible Achievements

Begun in 2004, the River Stewards program has grown to more than 50 on-the-ground stewards whose mission is to conserve, protect and restore native fish on 65 northwest watersheds.  In addition, they work to ensure that native fish policies and laws are implemented and enforced. River Stewards provide the passionate local voice that drives grassroots community support for clean drinking water and healthy populations of wild, native fish. Our River Steward Program is an essential part of how the Native Fish Society achieves our mission for wild fish recovery and protection across the Pacific Northwest.  To read more…

Have You Visited Your NFS Library?

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to conservation.  To provide native fish a reliable and informed voice in the community, we have amassed an ever-expanding, fully searchable online library and database.  It provides the latest research and development that affect native fish…all of which is offered free to the public. To read more…