• The Biggest Party for Wild, Native Fish in the Universe

    Don't miss the best darned night of 2016. On Saturday, April 16th the wild fish faithful will gather at Montgomery Park in Portland, OR to celebrate the wild, native fish that enliven all the free flowing corners of the Pacific Northwest. We need you to make this year's celebration the best yet. Don't be shy. Wiggle out of those waders, leave your mask and snorkel behind (or don't) and join us under the big top at Montgomery Park!

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  • Help Set Aside These Rivers For Wild Steelhead

    The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is accepting public comments from January 25th – February 5th on the options for the state's next Wild Steelhead Gene Bank. Native Fish Society needs your help now to encourage WDFW to set aside the two most promising rivers among the options: the Grays & Chinook rivers. Photo: Russ Ricketts

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  • Good News! Mining Ban Possible

    The Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management are currently accepting comment on their proposal to protect the wild rivers and native fish of Southwest Oregon by temporarily withdrawing 100,000 acres of federal land from the Mining Act of 1872. This action will prevent new mining claims and give Congress time to pass legislation to permanently protect these wild rivers forever. Please comment in support now! Photo:Ken Morrish

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Learn More About Native Fish Society – Q&A

For nearly 20 years, Native Fish Society has advocated for the protection and recovery of wild, native fish across the Pacific Northwest.  Our goal is straightforward: utilize the best available science to promote public policy and stewardship that will advance the recovery and protection of self-sustaining populations of wild, native fish in their homewaters.  Our focus on policy, education, and advocacy, grounded in the best-available science, all combine to make Native Fish Society one of the leading conservation groups working to recover wild steelhead, salmon, and trout across the Pacific Northwest.  To read more

River Steward Program — Dedicated Volunteers, Incredible Achievements

Begun in 2004, the River Stewards program has grown to more than 50 on-the-ground stewards whose mission is to conserve, protect and restore native fish on 65 northwest watersheds.  In addition, they work to ensure that native fish policies and laws are implemented and enforced. River Stewards provide the passionate local voice that drives grassroots community support for clean drinking water and healthy populations of wild, native fish. Our River Steward Program is an essential part of how the Native Fish Society achieves our mission for wild fish recovery and protection across the Pacific Northwest.  To read more…

Have You Visited Your NFS Library?

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to conservation.  To provide native fish a reliable and informed voice in the community, we have amassed an ever-expanding, fully searchable online library and database.  It provides the latest research and development that affect native fish…all of which is offered free to the public. To read more…