River Snorkeling

Our hope with this short video is to encourage you to learn more about your local homewaters through river snorkeling. Native Fish Society is hosting snorkel outings for River Stewards throughout the summer in Oregon. In the future we hope to offer river snorkeling opportunities in Washington, Oregon and N. California for all Native Fish Society River Stewards and members in suitable physical condition.

River snorkeling opens participants up to an underwater world that few have fully imagined. Swimming along from pool to pool is a terrific way to experience a river like a fish and personally understand the cold, clean water and habitats essential to the survival of wild, native fish.

The Native Fish Society is a non-profit conservation organization based in Oregon City, OR. Our mission is to utilize the best-available science to advocate for the protection and recovery of wild, native fish and promote stewardship of the habitats that sustain them.

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