B.C. Keep 'Em Wet Regulation

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Responsible fish-handling practices are critical for effective catch and release angling. Air exposure is harmful to fish and has been shown to increase mortality and cause a variety of negative sublethal effects. Fish in British Columbia are under heavy angling pressure and fish should be better protected from poor catch and release practices. Current regulation prohibits injuring or molesting fish, yet air exposure does both and is commonly observed in catch and release fishing. In order to promote and emphasize this practice, it should be unlawful in B.C. to fully remove any catch-and-release angled fish from the water.

This regulation proposal is widely-supported by stakeholders and provincial biologists, yet has previously been denied by decision makers who claim this is an "education-issue". However, we support the idea that this common-sense regulation IS education, and also provides the important incentive for people to comply with least harmful practices, while achieving a conservation goal. Please join in support of this regulation change, reducing harm to these fish is an important step towards sustainable stewardship of the catch and release fisheries of B.C. for generations to come.

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