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Native Fish Fellowship Program

Native Fish Fellows are a group of exceptional activists, inspiring leaders, talented ambassadors and skilled experts who are taking action to support the revival of abundant native fish throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The Native Fish Society exists to educate, inspire, and empower people so that together, we can create a world where native fish and human communities thrive. As the number of people who are dedicated to the revival of historically abundant wild fish populations grows, people from all walks of life are using their area of expertise, skills, or their own unique talents to protect the fish they love.

In 2018, we started the Native Fish Fellowship Program in order to expand the opportunities for people to take action for native fish. Working alongside staff and River Stewards, NFS Fellows are now an integral part of achieving our environmental mission, vision, and values as well as our equity strategy.

The Native Fish Society is honored to support their ongoing efforts.

Hatcheries Sociology Human Dimensions
Fisheries Science Expert Witness Forestry
Creative Writing Storytelling
Genetics Hatcheries Fisheries Management
Photography Film Making Public Speaking
Graphic Design Creative Illustration
Economics Forestry Habitat Protection
Anthropology Poetry
Environmental Policy Storytelling Digital Content Production
Education Political Science
Data analyst
Media Accessibility
Musical Theatre Public Speaking Youth Organizing
Engineering Education
Film Making Web Design Musician
Web Development Economics
Fisheries Science Climate Change Forestry Habitat Protection
Fisheries Ecology Conservation Genetics Land Stewardship

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