Claire Topalian

Claire is a communications professional and avid fly-fisherman living in her hometown of Seattle, Washington. Five years ago, she started teaching herself how to fly-fish and has since fallen in love with the sport. This passion motivates her to continue learning about protecting and recovering native fish.

Like many Washington anglers, she’s especially fascinated by the lives and needs of native steelhead and is eager to find new ways of spreading awareness and supporting campaigns that protect this species. Claire has worked on messaging campaigns for various startups, large companies, and nonprofits, and hopes to contribute these professional experiences to conservation efforts in meaningful ways. With her academic background in creative writing, she also hopes to spend more time writing about native fish and generating emotive content that reaches new audiences outside of fly-fishing and existing conservation-minded communities.

Data Analyst
Economics, Forestry, Habitat Protection
Fisheries Science, Climate Change, Forestry, Habitat Protection
Film Making, Web Design, Musician
Uavs, Engineering, Education
Education, Political Science
Musical Theatre, Public Speaking, Youth Organizing
Fisheries Science, Expert Witness, Forestry
Photography, Film Making, Public Speaking
Fisheries Ecology, Conservation Genetics, Land Stewardship
Environmental Policy, Storytelling, Digital Content Production
Graphic Design, Creative, Illustration
Genetics, Hatcheries, Fisheries Management
Anthropology, Poetry
Media, Accessibility
Web Development, Economics

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