The science that guides us

Native Fish Society relies on the best-available science to advocate solutions to the five Hs: Heat, Hydropower, Harvest, Hatcheries, and Habitat impacts, which stand in the way of recovering abundant wild fish.

H Harvest

Unsustainable fisheries allow too many fish to be caught, which means too few fish survive to spawn resulting in less abundant and healthy fish populations in the future.

H Hydropower

Hydropower dams built without volitional fish passage reduce the total amount of habitat available to fish. Dam reservoirs artificially warm water, harbor invasive fish species, and stop natural river processes essential for sustaining healthy native fish.

H Habitat

Unsustainable development, logging, road building, and agriculture reduce the natural complexity, integrity, and diversity of native fish habitats.

H Heat

The Unspoken Fifth and Master Threat to Salmon Survival