Mia Rosser

Mia Rosser is passionate about being a good environmental steward. She believes in preserving the environment for future generations of all species on Earth. Mia recharges by being out in nature daily, where she feels most happy. Mia is actively learning and defining her own role in advocacy for the environment. She will graduate from an environmental science middle school in 2020. Mia is committed to the rivers and fish because she believes that salmon play a huge role in the environment. Some of Mia’s hobbies include basketball, musical theatre, writing, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Graphic Design, Creative, Illustration
Fisheries Science, Climate Change, Forestry, Habitat Protection
Fisheries Ecology, Conservation Genetics, Land Stewardship
Education, Political Science
Creative Writing, Storytelling
Data Analyst
Genetics, Hatcheries, Fisheries Management
Media, Accessibility
Fisheries Science, Expert Witness, Forestry
Web Development, Economics
Economics, Forestry, Habitat Protection
Uavs, Engineering, Education
Anthropology, Poetry
Photography, Film Making, Public Speaking
Film Making, Web Design, Musician

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