Save Bristol Bay, Stop Pebble Mine!

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Dear Native Fish friends,

Our organization has a long history of standing up for wild places with rivers chalk full of native fish. We always answer the call when the most vulnerable places are threatened. Today, we are answering the call from Bristol Bay, Alaska, on the verge of being decimated by the proposed Pebble mine. We are partnering with conservation groups, including Trout Unlimited, to get more hunters and anglers voices heard.

Join us in asking the President to stop the Pebble mine today.

Bristol Bay is the most productive salmon ecosystem in North America, and it is unmatched in its productivity. All five species of Pacific salmon—sockeye, chinook, coho, chum, and pink—spawn and rear in the Bristol Bay watershed, supporting wildlife like brown bears and eagles, as well as human industry and culture.

The watershed supports the largest sockeye salmon run in the world, producing about 46% of the world’s wild sockeye harvest. It generates $1.5 billion a year and provides nearly 20,000 jobs throughout the United States annually. Over 4,000 locals, including many native Yup’ik and Dena’ina, rely on fish, moose, and other subsistence foods for 80% of their protein.

For these reasons, and many more, we say that Pebble is the wrong mine for the wrong place. We’ve participated in federal comment periods and called on our Members of Congress for years, asking them to stop Pebble. As the permit review process continues (and is on track to finish this year) we need President Trump to intervene, and stop this devastating proposal from ruining the last truly wild salmon fishery.

Please add your name to the petition today to protect the fish, people, and fish-based industries of Bristol Bay!

Why President Trump?

Facilitated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers within the Trump Administration, the review process for the Pebble Mine permit has been rushed, incomplete, and deeply flawed. As the permit application review nears completion, the President needs to hear from Americans across the country who are opposed to development that will decimate a world-class fishing and hunting destination, and allow a foreign mining company to develop our resources at the expense of American jobs and business.

The Army Corps of Engineers has heard from us. Our Members of Congress have heard from us, and they will continue to. But we also need to directly tell the President that granting this permit to the Pebble Limited Partnership is unacceptable. President Trump needs to know that Pebble mine would negatively impact Americans, our economy and an irreplaceable landscape and resource we value.

The President was elected by Americans to safeguard our best interests: our jobs, our people, and our economy. Please help remind him that Pebble is an immediate threat to our collective best interest. Add your name to the sign-on letter today.

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