Crystal McMahon

Crystal McMahon began a career in mental health in 1997, and has worked in a variety of roles including Employment Specialist, Employment Program Supervisor, State Supported Employment Trainer, and Research Associate for the Mental Health Treatment Study. She completed a Master of Science in Psychology in 2009 and is currently employed at Options for Southern Oregon as the Director of the Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence. Ms. McMahon has taught courses on Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Supported Employment at Portland State University and Dartmouth College.

Ms. McMahon has a longstanding interest in the natural world. She and several associates manage 400 acres in Klamath County that they are conserving and restoring for wildlife habitat. She also serves as a volunteer for numerous local non-profit organizations, and as the Executive Director of the Klamath Lake Land Trust. She has a special love for the Sycan and Sprague Rivers, due to their wild and scenic nature, and extensive biodiversity. She looks forward to the day the entire Klamath River watershed is healthy, with salmon and steelhead in the uppermost tributaries.

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