Bridging the Gaps Between Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Contemporary Science

On June 24th, Keith Parker, Yurok Tribe Senior Fisheries Biologist shared how the Klamath River Basin supports the highest diversity of lamprey species of any single watershed in the world, with the anadromous Pacific lamprey suggested to have been the river's biomass-dominant fish species historically. Ecologically, Pacific lamprey are important contributors of marine-derived nutrients and organic matter to the food web of headwater streams that are far inland from the Pacific Ocean. Culturally, Pacific lamprey are a tribal trust fish species protected under tribal treaty and continues to provide direct subsistence when other high lipid foods (e.g., salmon) are unavailable to Native American Tribes. Watch this featured presentation to learn more about how Keith works with modern science and traditional ecological knowledge to provide an ongoing relationship in conservation.

Following Mr. Parker’s presentation, Native Fish Society’s Southern Oregon Regional Coordinator Kirk Blaine shared information about the docket of legislation proposed to help protect the rivers and streams of southwest Oregon.

This presentation was made possible by our great partner in conservation Klamath Siskyou Wild. Visit their website today to learn more about what work they have going on in southern Oregon.

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