Become A Wild Fish Activist - Take The Wild Fish For All Pledge

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Until all our Pacific Northwest communities enjoy healthy homewaters with abundant wild fish, we’re asking you to take the pledge and join with local voices, take collective action, and advance science-based solutions to the root challenges facing native fish.

Those who take this pledge will be considered members of Native Fish Society and will be added to our email list to stay informed on ways to take action for wild fish.

Take the pledge!

If you haven't already, check out Patagonia Films' new feature, TOM, by long-time Native Fish Society supporters, Asher Koles and Chase White. Tom Derry is the connection between wild fish and the activists striving to protect them. A lifelong angler and the director of wild steelhead funding for Native Fish Society, Tom embodies the commitment behind countless conservation efforts all with a single goal: more wild fish.

Filmed along the Babine River, Tom captures the essence of angling for wild steelhead and provides insight into what motivates a motivator.

TOM: The friend fish deserve | Patagonia Films

Join Us for a Guaranteed Good Time for a Great Cause! Where: The Miracle Barn at 65599 Tweed Road, Bend, OR / *Virtual auction available anywhere you have wifi! When: Saturday, August 17th, 4 - 7pm What: A FREE Central Oregon benefit for our wild, native fish, free-flowing rivers, and thriving communities.