Ethan Livermore

Ethan Livermore is a Yakama/Filipino/White fly angler born and raised in Portland, OR, where his family has lived for many generations. His passion for angling started at a young age when his grandmother would take him camping at the many lakes that are sprinkled throughout the Cascade Range in Oregon. Since then, he has fallen in love with catching (or not catching) fish on the fly, learning about the different river systems around him, the fish and insects that inhabit them, and how we can go about protecting and supporting these ecosystems. With a professional background in advocacy and community organizing, Ethan is excited to help create a network of wild fish advocates through advocacy, public education, and engagement. On any given weekend, you can expect Ethan to be either swinging flies for trout, getting turned around on a tiny blue line, tying more flies than he has room for in his fly box, or playing ultimate frisbee with his friends.

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