Ken Morrish

Oregon Recreation Enhancement Act - Thank you Senators Wyden and Merkley

Thank you Senators Wyden and Merkley for reintroducing the Oregon Recreation Enhancement Act, providing a boost in recreation opportunities in Southwestern Oregon and on the Molalla River in Clackamas County, while ensuring wildfire prevention work in both of those regions.

This legislation includes the Southwest Oregon Watershed and Salmon Protection Act, legislation that protects rivers and streams from harmful threats of strip mining. Our communities depend on clean water, outdoor recreation, and healthy fish runs —for our economy and quality of life. Moving this legislation forward will ensure permanent protection for these watersheds and communities for future generations.

The bill also includes the Molalla Recreation Area, which will protect critical habitat, crucial for restoring abundant wild fish in this watershed. The Rogue Canyon Recreation Area part of the bill will ensure this remarkable landscape continues to provide for clean water, salmon runs and outstanding recreation opportunities into the future, affirming the Rogue River’s role as a key economic driver for the outdoor industry in southern Oregon.

Please take the time to send a thank you to our Oregon Senators for this great work. For more information on these efforts please contact the Southern Oregon Regional Coordinator Kirk Blaine at today.

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