Rise Up For Justice

Native Fish Society’s vision is wild fish returning in abundance to every river, every neighborhood, every community, for the good of the environment and all Northwest cultures. This vision is driven by people coming together to form inclusive and equitable communities to engage in stewardship together. Discrimination and injustice destroy communities and their stewardship.

We stand with those who acknowledge and condemn the systemic racism in our country. We are horrified by the violence and injustice inflicted on Black people and Black communities across our country and in the Pacific Northwest where we work.

This causes us to engage in deep reflection, to listen, and to work to understand before we rush to judgment. Reflections and difficult conversations now and in the past drive a commitment to making this organization an increasingly diverse and welcoming one. We stand with our Black volunteers, partners, friends, donors, and community members. We love you, we’re here for you, and we’re going to work harder to elevate justice, equality, and peace. Please let us know what you need.

To our friends, members, and partners in freshwater conservation and fishing, we invite you in this critical moment to join us in our journey and commitment. Together we can listen, learn, speak up, vote, act in love and in non-violence. For those that are able, we encourage you to donate to an organization working on the frontlines to address racial inequality in the environmental movement, in our state, and in our country:

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