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North Creek Campaign from Native Fish Society on Vimeo.

With your help we can increase the health and abundance of wild salmon, steelhead, trout and Lamprey on Oregon's central coast.

The Native Fish Society, and our partners, have created a crowd source funding project for the North Creek Campaign. Our goal is to raise $10,000 over the next 6 months with over 100 project supporters. Your support will not only help pay for this projects actual construction costs, it will also provide a voice of pubic engagement to agencies deciding on increasingly competitive large federal grants needed to restore North Creek.

Building off decades of advocacy, the Native Fish Society and our Siletz River Steward, Matt Lund, need your support to address the root cause of fish decline within North Creek. Thirteen miles of the best fish habitat in this free flowing, hatchery-free watershed are blocked by a failing culvert. With your help we will replace the failing culvert with a bridge and allow wild fish to once again have free reign in this old-growth watershed.

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