We Are One: The Salmon Banner Project


We Are One: The Salmon Banner Project

In a year when many of the wild salmon runs in the Pacific Northwest are in dire condition, there is no better time to remind one another that the future of salmon and our communities are closely intertwined. Our friend and artist Gabe Babcock recently launched a project to recreate the salmon banners that once hung along Northwest rivers to welcome home the salmon and remind communities of the promise made between the salmon and the people of the Northwest.

These banners are for sale and 100% of the profits are going to support non-profit organizations like the Native Fish Society, that are working to restore wild salmon. To purchase a banner, click the red button in the sidebar of this page and make sure to check the Native Fish Society box when you check out.

From artist Gabe Babcock:

"This project began in Salmon Bend, CA by the Y-ē-Slah clan. There, it was a small art installation along a bend in the Sacramento River. The project has migrated to various coastal rivers as a sign of hope and welcome to the salmon returning to their home waters to spawn.

We Are One is a story of empathy. The goal of this project is to reintegrate the lives of salmon and people. Using art as a tool the project is aimed at singing the praise of salmon and seeking contributions to support the non-profit organizations that lead the effort to restore wild salmon populations.

You do not need to speak the same language to sing the same song, you just have to sing together."

Each banner is hand printed on rice paper.

Project Media

"Milwaukie artist transforms his love for fish into conservation" - May 22, 2017, Oregonian


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