Van Duzen River

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A major tributary to the Eel River, the Van Duzen River about 63 miles long, draining approximately 429 square miles throughly mostly Humboldt County. From its headwaters on the North Coast Range, it reaches its confluence with the Eel River near Fortuna, California.


The primary land use in the watershed is timberland, and road construction, poor historical logging practices, and gravel mining at the confluence of the Van Duzen has increased erosion, affected channel alignment and resulted in blocked migration for fall Chinook salmon.

Van Duzen River Updates

River Steward Program Newsletter Winter 2018

We are starting to see rains show up earlier in southern Oregon than I can remember in the past couple of years, and I hope that this is the beginning to a long wet winter here in the Northwest. ...

Footsteps & Paddle Strokes

Imagining A Future for Van Duzen River Summer Steelhead When I moved to the Van Duzen River seven years ago, I knew very little of its fishes. I had spent many hours the previous winter studying a...

Native Fish Society joins the Eel River Forum

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday, June 14th, Native Fish Society became charter members of the Eel River Forum, a group comprised of 23 public agencies, tribes, non-profit conservation...

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