Liz Perkin

Northern Oregon Coordinator

Liz joined the Native Fish Society as the Northern Oregon Regional Coordinator in January 2021. Previously, Liz worked as an environmental consultant in Calgary, Alberta, a visiting professor in Maryland and Oregon, and a scientific researcher in Vancouver, BC.

Liz grew up fishing, swimming, and playing in the upper Molalla River in northern Oregon. Family outings along the Nestucca, Willamette, Deschutes, and Crooked Rivers spurred an early fascination with wild, native salmonids and the habitats that support them. Thanks to the environmental advocacy of several of her relatives, Liz was introduced to environmental conservation at an early age and participated in monitoring programs even as a pre-teen. Liz recognizes that not everyone has been so warmly welcomed in environmental conservation, so she is always looking for ways to create a space for everyone in advocating for wild native fish and our homewaters.

Liz has a Bachelors in Biology from Reed College, a Masters in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences from the University of Washington, and a PhD in River and Riparian Ecology from the Free University of Berlin (Germany). When Liz isn’t working for Oregon’s wild, native fish, she enjoys hiking, cross-country skiing, fishing, horseback riding, painting, and writing children’s stories about nature.

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